The Harbour Front Bar

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The Harbour Front Bar is an oasis on Georgian Bay. Serving local craft beer, premium wine, frozen cocktails and light foods, The Harbour Front Bar is where you meet a friend, admire the sunset, or just unwind after a long day at work. It’s happy to be a part of the journey or the destination itself. Eat, drink, unwind.


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Bar Menu

Craft Beer


Craft Cider


Wine (8oz)




Frozen Margarita




Vodka Spritz


Tapas Menu

Salad Rolls (Set of 2)


Charcuterie Board


Salami Sandwich with Chips


Brie and Apple Sandwich with Chips


Cheese Sandwich with Chips


Chips With Salsa


Hours of Operation

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Monday - Sunday

12 PM - 9 PM

*Inclimate weather may impact open hours. Check Social Media for Updates.

Website & Socials

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